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We help online businesses instantly increase their conversion rate by making their website faster.
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24-Hour Fastify Success Stories

John Doe's photo
John Doe
"Miles and Mason we’re a pleasure to work with, after the kick off call they went to work getting my site to load wayyy faster. To be honest, I always knew the speed was important, but never realized to what extend. Our conversion rate for unique visitor to lead went from 22% to 31% ! That extra revenue is hitting our bottom line like an astroid, and all without changing anything or lifting a finger. Highly recommended."

Our Philosophy

Here at Fastify, we’ve worked with the best in the industry to recapture millions of dollars of revenue. By making websites as fast and as performant as possible, conversions, leads, and sales are produced from traffic that would have otherwise bounced or not engaged with the offer.
Our client case studies have become myth, and our waiting list is longer than the line of shipping containers in Long Beach.
ATTENTION: Fastify is for serious business owners that are spending over $1MM on ads per year.

We Sell Speed. Just Speed.

We’ve gone through hundreds of pages of documentation, and conducted thousand of tests to create some of the fastest websites in the world.
If you want to turn your website into a utra-fast and ultra-performant revenue generating machine, Fastify is for you. 
Get the Benefits of a Faster Website Without:
Without being a technical ninja
Without spending 100s of hours
Without any website downtime
Without changing web design
Without sacrificing functionality
Without breaking your site
mobile speed test
More users bounce as load time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds.
Of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices.
Seconds is the average load time for mobile landing pages.
(Source: Google)

Meet the Team

Miles Rampel, Fastify Co-founder
Miles Rampel
Mason Wiley, Fastify Co-founder
Mason Wiley
Miles and Mason sold over $10MM online in the last 5 years in a nodebleed-competitive niche. Forced to search for unknown edges and improvements they discovered that by making their websites faster than the competition’s they could outsell, outspend, and outconvert the compition, leading to a dominant position.
Miles and Mason spent the last four years obsessively conquering pagespeed to create some of the fastest websites in the world.
The only question is, are you ready to join us?